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Dulce Anaya School of Ballet

Student Agreement

It is essential to follow a set of principles in order to provide a safe and positive environment that is conducive to teaching and learning at Dulce Anaya School of Ballet. Parents will not be allowed in the studio with the exception of “Parent’s Day”, which is at the end of each month.

A Student Commitment

·        Arrive on time for class to avoid disruption to other students, and it is recommended that students arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before the start of class to allow time to prepare for class and warm up.

·        Students are expected to be standing and ready for class when the teacher enters the room.

·        Students are not permitted to chat with each other during class.

·        Cell phones are required to be turned off inside the dance studio. 

·        Students are prohibited from slouching on or hanging off the barres.

·        If a student is late to class, the student is expected to stand at the entrance to the classroom and wait to be invited in by the teacher.

·        If a student needs to use the restroom, they must notify their teacher before exiting the classroom.

·        If a student needs to leave class early, they must notify their teacher before the beginning of class.

·        Students are asked to strictly adhere to the dress code. Hair should be in a neat bun.

·        No gum, candy or food is allowed in the studio. Water bottles only.

·        If a student disrupts the classroom, the student may be asked to sit down until further instruction. 

·        If your child is absent from class because of an illness, please call prior to class.

·        If it is absolutely necessary to contact the student during the lesson, (due to an emergency), please call Dulce at 727-7515, or the YMCA at 744-2233.


Dulce Anaya School of Ballet is required to keep pages 1-2 of the contract to confirm that the student/Legal Guardian(s) has fully read all the requirements and agreed to follow the school policies and understand the payment agreement listed in the 2016-2017 Registration Form.  All contact information, including a change of medical insurance must be kept up to date.